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About The Authors:

Thomas A. Limoncelli:

Thomas Limoncelli is an internationally recognized author and speaker on many topics including system administration, time management, and grass-roots organizing. A system administrator since 1988, he has worked for small and large companies including Google, Lumeta, AT&T, Lucent / Bell Labs. He has written/co-written two books, The Practice of System and Network Administration from Addison-Wesley (2001) and Time Management for System Administrators from O'Reilly (2005). He shared the 2005 Outstanding Achievement Award from SAGE. He holds a B.A. in C.S. from Drew University, Madison, New Jersey, USA. His blog is www.EverythingSysadmin.com.

Peter H. Salus:

Dr. Peter H. Salus talks too much and writes too much. He is a frequent speaker at computer events in the US, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, Chile, and the Czech Republic.

He has appeared on the BBC, the Discovery Channel, PBS, PCTV, and the Dr. Dobbs webcast as computing and networking historian.

Dr. Salus has written or edited over a dozen books, including A Quarter Century of UNIX, Casting the Net: From ARPANET to INTERNET and Beyond, the four-volume Handbook of Programming Languages, and the Big Book of IPv6 Addressing RFCs.